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Pan Seared Tofu with Chimichurri

Pan Seared Tofu with Chimichurri

May 03, 2023

Jacqueline Ramirez

Try this vegan delight for two!

7 oz extra firm tofu  
1/4 cup soy sauce 
2 tsbp sesame oil
2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp onion powder
1 tsp honey
2 tbsp olive oil 

How to: 
First cut your block of tofu in half, then take that larger piece and cut into ½-inch-thick slices. Cut each slice into 2 squares, then each square on the diagonal into triangles. Then, in a bowl combine the soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic powder, onion powder and honey. Mix well. This is going to be your marinade. Place your tofu in a container add your marinade and leave covered in the fridge overnight. When ready to cook, take a skillet and add the olive oil at med-high heat. Then add your tofu and sear on both sides until golden brown. Serve on its own or with some rice but don't forget to top if off with Vigorón Cacao Chimichurri for the final touch!