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A One of a Kind Chimichurri

A One of a Kind Chimichurri

May 01, 2022

Jacqueline Silva

Think Chimichurri is just for grilled meats? Think again! Vigorón Cacao Chimichurri sauce and specialty spread is the perfect addition to a sandwich or burger. Try topping off a delicious taco with it, or toss some steamed vegetables with our herby sauce to give it a special flavor. It can even be used as a dip and eaten with plantain or yucca chips. Yum!

This is the authentic Nicaraguan style chimichurri consisting of chopped parsley and garlic among other secret ingredients from our long-standing traditional family recipe. What else sets it apart? Unlike shelf stable varieties, Vigorón Cacao Chimichurri is kept refrigerated to maintain freshness, extending its shelf life without the need of preservatives. This gives it a high level of quality and taste unlike anything you've ever had!